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FROM R715 per adult for a 6-hour session


If Tiger Fishing is your thing, you are most certainly in for a treat. Come and play with the big boys and reel in one of Africa’s finest freshwater fighting fish. Bring along your family, friends or business colleagues for a fun and thrilling outdoor adventure on the Komati River. Enjoy the outing on a barge, equipped with bait, tackle & braai/BBQ facilities. Be guided by an expert that knows the river and knows where you can possibly catch and release a beautiful Tiger Fish.

Tiger Fishing is exhilarating, to say the least. The thrill and anticipation of subduing a hard-fighting tiger fish are superb, not only because of its natural fighting ability but also due to all the aspects of the experience. For example; the excitement of being on the barge on the open water, reeling in your catch, feeling the fresh air and sun on your skin and just taking in your surroundings. This is certainly an experience that is worthwhile!

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Price per person for Tiger Fishing

  • Rates include the barge, bait & tackle and an expert

  • There are 2 sessions per day, 6 hours each; morning sessions (06:00am – 12:00pm) & afternoon sessions (12:00pm – 18:00)

  • There is also an option to do a 12-hour tiger fishing session (06:00am – 18:00).

  • Children & non-fisherman are welcome to join

All you need to know about Tiger Fishing on the Komati River

How a session works:

  • You will be met 15 minutes prior to your session at the Sasol Garage in Komatipoort, where you will be escorted to the location.

  • There is safe, shaded parking available for your vehicles whilst you are fishing.

  • You will board the barge and you are welcome to bring along snacks, beverages, meat, etc. (Important – if you want to braai/BBQ this needs to be arranged prior to your booking – fire will be provided)

  • After your session, you will be taken back to the shore, where you can set off on your next adventure.

Tiger Fishing in Komatipoort | Wild Frontier & the Lowveld
Tiger Fishing in Komatipoort | Wild Frontier & the Lowveld

FAQ’s about Tiger Fishing on the Komati River

1.) Can I bring my own tackle & bait?

Yes, but the price is still the same, no discount when bringing your own gear, etc.

2.) Will I catch with bait or lures?

Bait – chicken hearts

3.) How far on the river does the barge go?

4,2km on the Komati River

4.) Can I bring my own snacks and drinks on the barge?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your own snacks & drinks – there are also braai/BBQ facilities on the barge (fire will be provided – arrange prior to session)

5.) Can I keep the fish that I catch?

No, unfortunately not. Strictly catch & release policy

6.) How big is the barge?

The barge can accommodate approx. 15-18 people

7.) When is the best time to go fishing according to seasons?

In winter months it is better to choose an afternoon session

In summer months it is better choose a morning session

8.) How long is a session?

A morning or afternoon session is 6 hours per session, but there is also a 12-hour session available

9.) Do I get a discount for groups?

The rates are already affordable, so unfortunately no discounts for groups

10.) Are children welcome to join?

Yes, children are welcome on the barge

11.) If someone in my group does not want to fish, can they join?

Yes, of course, they are more than welcome to join; they’ll just pay a cheaper price

12.) What should I bring along?

Bring along a good attitude and the rest will fall into place. In addition, you can bring a good pair of polarized sunglasses to minimize the harsh glare on the water. Bring along enough water to keep hydrated. You can also consider bringing a hat and sunscreen.

13.) Can I swim in the river?

No, unfortunately not. There are crocodiles & hippos so for your own safety we would not recommend swimming in the river.

14.) Is it safe to be on the barge?

If you bind by the rules & regulations and use the necessary safety precautions, you will be fine.

About the Komati River

The Komati River is home to a variety of freshwater fish species, the most famous of these is the Tiger Fish.

The name Komati or “incomati” is derived from the siSwati name meaning “cow”, as it is compared to a cow that always has milk. The river is approximately 480 kilometers long. The river is situated in South Africa, Eswatini and Mozambique.

Why are they called Tiger Fish?

The Tiger Fish has a characteristically striped body, with sharp teeth to indulge their predaceous habitat, similar to that of a tiger.

More fun facts about Tiger Fish

The tiger fish is endemic to Africa and belong to the genus Hydrocynus. Within the genus, you can find five species.

Tiger fish prefer warm water that is well-oxygenated.

The fish is known to take prey as much as 40% of their own body length.

They are not solitary fish and they move in packs/shoals

Average size and weight of Tiger Fish

  • Females are normally larger than males. Males rarely grow beyond 50 centimeters.

  • Average size: 20 centimeters one-year-old, 30 centimeters two years old and a specimen above 60 centimeters could be 8 to 9 years old.


Great experience. With great view a must

Mariska, Google Review

Great day tiger fishing with a friendly and very helpful guide……had a auwsome family outing ….thank you alot Pieter🐟🎣

Ella, Facebook

wonderful experience, great skipper and caring staff also very affordable

Tanya, Facebook

What an amazing experience. I highly recommend it. Gold

Josette, Facebook

What a wonderful experience. Loads of tigers!

Yolandi, Facebook

Experience the thrill of tiger fishing in the Komati River


Experience the thrill of tiger fishing in the Komati River