OVERVIEWRATESPHOTOSREVIEWSMAKE A BOOKINGFROM R1,700 per adult for a Full Day Panorama Route Tour
FROM R1,700 per adult for a Full Day Panorama Tour


The Lowveld is home to the beautiful Panorama Route including the Blyde River Canyon with the Three Rondawels, God’s Window, The Bourke’s Luck Potholes, The Pinnacle Rock, several waterfalls and the newest edition to the Route, the Graskop Gorge Lift and suspension bridge. Connecting natural and cultural attractions and points of interests, this scenic road is history filled and a must visit when in the Lowveld.

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Price per person for a Full Day Panorama Route Tour

From R1,700 per adult (12 years and older)

From R850 per child (2-11 years)

Minimum of 2 people for the tour to start – transfers included in the rate is limited to Nelspruit, White River & Sabie

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Included in the rate

  • Transfers from Nelspruit, White River or Sabie to the attractions and back (pick up from other locations can be arranged at an extra fee)

  • Driver

  • Entrance fees to 7 of the attractions – Blyde River Canyon Three Rondawels, The Bourke’s Luck Potholes, Lisbon Falls, God’s Window, The Pinnacle Rock, The Graskop Gorge Lift and Mac Mac Falls

  • Mineral water per person

  • Full day Panorama Route Tour

Excluded from the rate

  • Meals & refreshments

  • Anything else of a personal nature

  • Driver’s Tip (optional)

All you need to know about a Full Day Panorama Route Tour

How the day works:

  • You will be picked up at your accommodation establishment at a pre-arranged time (please see the list of locations)

  • You will be transported to the furthest point of the Route approx. 2-2½ hour’s drive (Blyde River Canyon)

  • Spend some time at the Blyde River Canyon Three Rondawels Lookout Point

  • Drive to the next attractions and spend time at each

  • Have a 1-hour lunch break at the Graskop Gorge Lift cafe

  • Go to the last attraction – the Mac Mac Falls and spend some time

  • You will be transported back to your pick up location or pre-arranged drop off location

  • The driver will drop you off, where you can set off on your next adventure.

FAQ’s about a Full Day Panorama Route Tour

1.) Can I bring alcohol with?

The Panorama Route is a public space and it is against the law to drink in a public area. No alcohol allowed.

2.) What time will I be picked up for the Full Day Panorama Route Tour?

Pick-up time will be determined by the season you will be visiting the Panorama Route, but it will be between 06:00am – 07:00am

3.) What is the duration of the Full Day Panorama Route Tour?

Approx. 10 hours from pick-up to drop-off

4.) Are there any toilet facilities on the Panorama Route?

Yes, at most of the attractions there are toilet facilities.

5.) Are there restaurants or shops where I can buy food and things/souvenirs?

Yes, at most attractions there are local vendors selling things like souvenirs etc. At Bourke’s Luck Potholes and The Graskop Gorge Lift you can buy food.

6.) Is it guaranteed to see the all the attractions?

The Panorama Route Tour is weather dependent as mist and overcast weather can influence your views of the attractions. So try to choose a clear day to visit the Panorama Route.

7.) Is it dangerous to visit the attractions?

The attractions are physical as you will be walking and some of them are on cliffs (with barriers of course) but you will be fine if you practice common sense safety measures.

8.) Are children allowed to join the Panorama Route Tour?

Yes, children are welcome to join.

9.) Do I have to be fit to go on a Panorama Route Tour?

No need to be top fit, but it does require walking to the attractions. You can of course walk at your own pace.

10.) Can disabled people join the Panorama Route Tour?

Any person is welcome to join the tour; however it does take a bit of effort to get to the attractions as there is walking required. People in wheelchairs might not have access to all the attractions. We just recommend that people with disabilities travel with someone that can assist them during the day.

11.) I have a medical condition, are the drivers trained in First Aid?

All the drivers are trained in Basic First Aid Level 1 – so please keep this in mind with the seriousness of your medical condition. A medical professional can be arranged to travel with you if need be at an additional fee.

About the Panorama Route

History rich, beautiful, natural phenomenon, remarkable geological features is only a few words of how people describe the Panorama Route.

In the olden days (1871) this was part of a route that was used by people to travel between Lydenburg and Delagoa Bay (known as Maputo in Mozambique today). General Louis Botha also used this road to flee from the English during the Anglo Boer War.

Part of the Panorama Route is located in the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve, a 29 000-hectare reserve carved out of nearly 2,5km of red sandstone which is described as some of South Africa’s most remarkable geological features. This canyon is the 3rd largest canyon on Earth and also the largest “green” canyon in the world. Another name for it is also the Motlatse Canyon.

Bourke’s Luck Potholes is where water carved out the “potholes” over centuries. This is where the Treur River and the Blyde River met and the water combined with particles of sand and rocks formed the cylindrical potholes in the sandstone bedrock.

The phenomenon called the Three Rondavels are in the shapes of three rondavels – an Afrikaans word for a grass roof hut. These “rondavels” were shaped due to erosion of the softer limestone and then it leaves the harder quartzite behind.

God’s Window is situated on a cliff with a 700m drop with spectacular views of the Drakensberg escarpment. On a clear day, you can see up until the Mozambican border.

Part of the Panorama Route is also a large quartzite column rising from a deep gorge called the Pinnacle Rock close to God’s Window.

On this Route, there’s a few waterfalls, but 2 beautiful waterfalls will be visited when booking this tour, Lisbon Falls which is 92 metres high as well as the Mac Mac Falls which is 65 metres high.


Food for the Soul

WOW WOW WOW, this is a MUST do! God’s Window, Pinnacle Rock, Three Rondavals, Potholes, Long Tom Pass, Blyde River Canyon, but to mention a few are so worth the trip – that kind of beauty feeds your soul!

Pack a bikini/boardies & a towel so you can take a dip 🙂

Kendz1987, Tripadvisor

Gorgeous, if weather cooperates

There’s so much to see at the Panorama Route that you should allocate an entire day.

We started in the south, then went north, ending at Three Rondavels. I’d recommend this direction because:
* the sights keep getting better as you go north
* the evening sun is going to be more flattering for your awesome Three Rondavels photo

Absolute highlights, if you’re short on time and can’t see them all, are:
* Three Rondavels
* Bourke’s Luck Potholes
* God’s Window
* And if you’re into waterfalls: Lisbon Falls

I’d really recommend visiting as much of the sights as you can fit in, though.
Just make sure you reach Three Rondavels (the highlight, IMO) before night falls (when starting south)

gone-fishing_net, Tripadvisor


We spent a really fascinating day touring the main sites along the escarpment and had absolutely no regrets. Although not the Grand Canyon, Arizona, the Blyde River Canyon has a charm and beauty of its own. The main positive is that you can do the panoramic route in a day but still enjoy a great variety of sights; from the 3 Rondavels, Bourke’s Luck Pot Holes, and God’s Window to the Pinnacle.

malcmoss, Tripadvisor

Simply Amazing

The route offers several incredible natural attractions, each and every one of them. One day is enough to visit all of them. A must see for South Africa.

BoardingGateToEurope, Tripadvisor

Absolute must do!

If you are planning a trip to Kruger, absolutely add a day to your travels to spend along the Panorama Route. Each of the stops has a small entrance fee, which adds up over the course of the day, but worth every penny.
Waterfalls, rock formations, canyons, the Panorama Route is a photographer’s dream.
Our visit during the winter season meant very few crowds and spectacular photos. We are so glad that we were able to experience all that the Route has to offer. If you have limited time, definitely plan for Bourke’s Luck Potholes, Lisbon Falls and God’s Window. Try to see the Canyon and the Three Rondawels from your hotel like we did.

MamaStark, Tripadvisor

Go back again and again

Just the most beautiful and breathtaking – from the waterfalls to Gods Window, Pinnacle, Potholes… A must see!!

tracyann2018, Tripadvisor

The beauty of Nature.

South Africa is a very beautiful country with lots of scenic routes, this one is one of them. Do yourself a favor, Take the Panorama Route and just enjoy Nature. It’s amazing

mjayvellem, Tripadvisor


The Panorama route in the Blyde River Canyon has several awesome exhibits of nature. One can easily drive on this route before or after doing the safari adventure in Kruger National Park. One full day is good enough to view the important sights. A must do for any traveler who loves nature.

716sachink, Tripadvisor

Breathtaking views

So many beautiful scenic stops on this route. I love the three rondavels and the Potholes. Highly recommend adding this route into your itinerary when heading towards that area,

risettedehaas, Tripadvisor

Come see the beauty of the Panorama Route


Come see the beauty of the Panorama Route