FROM R1,400 per adult for a Full Day Safari


The world-renowned Kruger National Park is nestled between The Wild Frontier & the Lowveld. We are privileged to be situated on the doorstep of this amazing reserve. If you have ever wondered if it is worthwhile to go visit Kruger, the answer should be YES! Kruger offers something for everyone; the landscape is beautiful, there are 505 species of birds, 147 different mammals, 118 species of reptiles, 404 different trees & shrubs as well as 53 fish & 35 amphibian species in this 2 million hectares of sheer wilderness.

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Price per person for a Full Day Safari

From R1,400 per adult (12 years and older)

From R700 per child (4-11 years)

Minimum of 2 people for the safari to start

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Included in the rate

  • Transfers from a pre-arranged pick-up location to Kruger and back (Nelspruit, White River, Hazyview, Malelane, Marloth Park, Komatipoort)

  • Professional Nature Guide doubling as the driver

  • The use of blankets/ponchos on-board the safari vehicle when needed

  • Mineral water per person

  • Full day safari on a safari vehicle

Excluded from the rate

  • Kruger National Park Daily Conservation Fees – click here to see current fees

  • Meals & refreshments

  • Anything else of a personal nature

  • Nature Guide’s Tip (optional)

All you need to know about a Full Day Safari in Kruger National Park

How the day works:

  • You will be picked up at your accommodation establishment at a pre-arranged time

  • You will be transported to Kruger National Park

  • At the gate, the guide needs to go to the gate office to pay conservation fees and obtain a permit

  • The guide will open the vehicle and give you the safety briefing, the rules & regulations as well as the itinerary for the day

  • Safari session 1 will start

  • You will stop for breakfast approx. 07:30-08:30 for 45 min

  • Safari session 2 will start

  • You will stop lunch approx. 11:30-12:30 for 1-hour

  • Safari session 3 will start

  • You will be exiting the Park approx. 14:00-14:30

  • You will be transported back to your pick up location or pre-arranged drop off location

  • The guide will drop you off, where you can set off on your next adventure.

FAQ’s about a Full Day Safari in Kruger National Park

1.) Can I bring alcohol with?

No, unfortunately not. Day visitors are prohibited to take alcohol into the Park.

2.) What time will I be picked up to go on safari?

Pick-up time will be determined by the season you will be visiting the Park as well as where you will be picked up.

3.) What is the duration of the Full Day Safari?

Approx. 8 hours inside the Park

4.) Are there any toilet facilities in the Park?

Yes, the Full Day Safari includes a 45 min breakfast stop and a 1-hour lunch stop at camps/picnic sites where there are toilet facilities. The morning when entering the Park, there is also toilet facilities at the gate.

5.) Are there restaurants or shops where I can buy food and things?

Yes, every camp or picnic site that will be used for stops during the day will either have a restaurant, coffee shop or cafeteria as well as a Park Shop that sells almost everything.

6.) Is it guaranteed to see the Big 5?

Definitely not a guarantee, but it is possible. We would suggest to people to go on safari at least 2 days to get more opportunity to see more animals, but if you only have 1 day, the guides are trained and they will show you as much as “Kruger wants to show you”.

7.) Is it dangerous to go on safari with an open vehicle?

The safari vehicles are specifically designed for the purpose of safari in a Big 5 game area. It will be safe as long as you follow all the rules and safety briefing the guide will give you in the morning before you enter the Park.

8.) Can I touch the animals that we’ll see?

Kruger is not a zoo or a sanctuary, it is a National Park with wild animals. Touching the animals are strictly prohibited, even the animals that wander into the camps like warthog, impala or bush buck sometimes.

9.) Can I get out of the vehicle to get a better view of an animal/s?

Absolutely not, unless you have a death wish for yourself and the animal. Getting out of your vehicle whilst in Kruger is not allowed at all.

10.) Are children allowed to join a safari?

Yes, children 4 years and older are welcome to join (families with children younger than 4 are also welcome, they might just need to book the vehicle privately, but contact us to find out what we can arrange for your family)

11.) Do I have to be fit to go on safari?

Not at all, the safari is not physical in any way, except for getting on and off the safari vehicle as you just need to climb a step or two.

12.) Can disabled people join the safari?

Any person is welcome to join a safari; however it does take a bit of effort to get on and off the safari vehicle, but there is a seat next to the guide for a person in a wheelchair. We just recommend that people with disabilities travel with someone that can assist them during the day.

13.) Who will drive the safari vehicle?

The guide will be doubling as the driver of the safari vehicle

14.) What routes will we be driving during the safari?

It is difficult to say which route you will be driving because this will be determined where you will enter and exit the Park (depending on where you are staying)

15.) Where will we enter and exit the Park?

This will be determined where you are staying (where you pick-up and drop-off locations are).

16.) I have a medical condition, are the guides trained in First Aid?

All Nature Guides are obligated to have minimum Basic First Aid Level 1 – so please keep this in mind with the seriousness of your medical condition. A medical professional can be arranged to travel with you if need be at an additional fee.

About Kruger National Park

In 1884, Paul Kruger, the President of the Transvaal, realised that something must be done in order to protect the animals of the Lowveld and made the decision to set aside the area between Sabie and Crocodile Rivers and in this area, hunting was now restricted.

In 1989, Kruger’s plan fully came together when the Park was established and it was named the Sabie Game Reserve.

In 1902, the first Warden of the Sabie Game reserve was appointed – James Stevenson-Hamilton.

After the proclamation of the National Parks Act, the Sabie Game Reserve was merged with Shingwedzi Game Reserve to form Kruger National Park in 1926.

The Park stretches 360km from South to North and 65km from East to West.

Kruger National Park is Home to the Big 5 animals – Elephant, Buffalo, Lion, Rhino & Leopard.

It also holds the title of being the most renowned protected wildlife area in the world.

Kruger is the largest game reserve in South Africa and is almost the same size as the country Israel!


the worlds best place. absolutely insane. we saw all of the big 5 in the total of 24 hours we spent in the park with our really experienced amazing guides. never before have i been so close to such amazing wildlife, one of the best times in my life

Robert, Google Review

World renowned travel destination for locals and tourists alike.Truly a wonderful experience every time we go. To experience nature in that way is one of the most spectacular things you’ll ever see in your life. Local souvenirs are always a great thing to take home and show to family and friends. This place is the very definition of wow.

Andries, Google Review

Other than the natural beauty, which goes with out saying, the camps and gates were staffed by the most frienly people I have encountered. Well done guys. The park was clean, we had good food in the camps we visited, well done, great experience

Ray, Google Review

The Kruger National Park is an amazing park, with untouched nature. Enjoyable for everyone. I’ve been here countless times and it remains my favourite holiday destination. There is no better place to get some rest and enjoy nature the way it was intended to be!

Stephan, Google Review

How can one not just fall in love with this gem of a wildlife conservation area. We must protect and nurture this area as it is one of the only safe habitats for the remainder of our precious wildlife here in S.A.

Marisa, Google Review

We could see a lot of animals and birds’ species in one day and enjoyed being in wildlife for hours. This experience is wonderful!

Aqsa, Google Review

If you are a nature lover, this is the place to be. Watch animals at close range, roaming freely in their natural habitat. Just amazing. Group 4X4 guided drives with rangers, private drives by yourself with your loved ones, have it anyway you like it.

Itumeleng, Google Review

Get in touch with the true beauty of nature in the Kruger Park. From the spectacular sunrise to the warm sunset, you will be filled with sheer excitement and awe. One minute, you’re driving down a quiet road, the next, you cross paths with a herd of crossing elephants. What you may think is a path of grass, quickly turns into a napping leopard. There are many camps to stop at for a picnic, legstretch and a variety of curio shops. Altogether, a truly unforgettable experience.

Rebecca, Google Review

How do I start explaining the awesomeness of this place? I can’t. Just go there! Well worth it.

M M, Google Review

Experience Kruger National Park with an open safari vehicle


Experience Kruger National Park with an open safari vehicle